Bawat får ballastvandsystem-tilladelse i USA

Bawat har fået ballastvandsystem-godkendelse fra U.S. Coast Guard, hvilket åbner et nyt marked for den danske producent af innovative ballastvandsystemer. I denne forbindelse har Bawat udsendt en pressemeddelelse:

Ships with pioneering system may now discharge ballast water in U.S. waters

Commercial vessels equipped with the pioneering system for ballast water treatment, developed by the Danish company Bawat A/S, have been approved to discharge treated ballast water in U.S. coastal waters. The U.S. Coast Guard has granted a so-called Alternate Management System acceptance for the Bawat ballast water management system for an interim period of up to five years.

“We are very excited about the acceptance letter from Washington, D.C. This will allow for us to broaden the scope as we roll out our very innovative and competitive ballast water management system in the international marketplace,” says Kim Diederichsen, CEO of Bawat A/S.

Kim Diederichsen expects to obtain a full type approval by the U.S. Coast Guard regarding U.S. waters well ahead of the expiration of the interim period.
Previously, the Bawat system fulfilled ballast water management system requirements set by the International Maritime Organization, having completed all relevant tests as verified by the classification society DNV-GL and certified by the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Nature Agency.

Bawat’s pioneering technology is made available while the commercial fleet all over the world is faced with a mandatory implementation of ballast water treatment. The International Maritime Organization convention is expected to enter into force in the near future. U.S. regulation is already in force covering discharges from ships when in U.S. waters. This regulation by the U.S. Coast Guard is of relevance to a substantial part of the world’s commercial fleet given that many vessels enter U.S waters at some point.

Bawat’s ballast water management system is revolutionary in offering a treatment that can be carried out while at sea. This is saving time and money as compared to current, so-called in-line systems where treatment has to take place while in port. Add to this, that no filters, UV radiation or chemicals are involved in the Bawat process.

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About Bawat A/S:
The company was established in 2011 with the aim of developing, testing and marketing technologies for treating ballast water on vessels. The company is owned by Maj Invest Holding, Oreco A/S, Homarus Holding, and Management. External support and financing has been provided by The Danish Maritime Fund, The Danish Nature Agency and The Market Development Fund.