Hempel overtager hollandsk malingsproducent Schaepman

Pressemeddelelse fra Hempel:

With the acquisition of Netherlands-based coatings manufacturer Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken B.V, Hempel takes a step towards achieving its growth ambition: to increase its presence in the protective and industrial coatings markets.

Hempel announced today that it has acquired Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken B.V, a leading Dutch supplier of specialised industrial, protective and decorative coatings. The acquisition is part of Hempel’s five-year growth strategy, One Hempel – One Ambition, and supports its goal of becoming one of the world’s top-10 largest coatings suppliers by the end of 2015.

The acquisition will enable Hempel to benefit from Schaepman’s proven expertise in protective coatings. At the same time, existing Schaepman customers will gain access to Hempel’s broad range of products and expert global support. Hempel’s global presence will also ensure Schaepman’s specialist products are available to a wider customer base.

Hempel’s Group President and CEO Pierre-Yves Jullien comments: “We are focused on developing or acquiring new solutions that add real benefits to our customers. Schaepman represents what we were looking for. It has a solid position on the local market, a strong brand, innovative R&D and specialist products that will enrich our global assortment. In addition, Schaepman’s expertise in the industrial coatings segment will help open new business possibilities for Hempel in this market.”

Schaepman’s management is excited about the acquisition. “With Hempel we have found the perfect match. Like Schaepman, Hempel, has many years of experience and a strong focus on R&D. Furthermore, Hempel’s solid global presence will allow us to broaden our customer, geographical and technological base,” says Berend ten Doeschate, Schaepman’s CEO.

He continues: “Schaepman will continue, under the ownership of Hempel, to provide reliable and high quality solutions to our customers, focusing on the individual needs and continuous operation of our customers’ production processes. Our own production will continue in Kampen and I am sure our customers will soon see benefits from Hempel’s global expertise.”

Hempel acquired the US-based protective coatings manufacturer Blome International Inc. in 2012. Hempel has seen significant growth in the Americas as a result and many Blome products are now available to Hempel’s global customers.

Hempel expects to continue increasing its market presence through strategic acquisitions within its key segments.

Per mutual agreement, terms of the sale are undisclosed.

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Notes to editors:

About Hempel

Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. From wind turbines and bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature. Hempel owns, among other companies, Crown Paints.

With a focus on R&D, advanced production techniques and professional coatings advice, we work around the globe to help keep our customers’ investments safe and attractive for a long time. Our working concept is simple: We are curious, creative and self-critical, and we always aim to create extra value for our customers.

About Schaepman

Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken B.V. is a company well known since its inception in 1830. Schaepman has been able to secure a clear market position for itself thanks to maintaining its policy over the years of on-going specialisation. Since the sixties, Schaepman has purposefully directed its attentions towards the manufacture of industrial paints. Schaepman has been able to expand its range of products as a result of takeovers of fellow paint manufacturers in the industrial and protective paint sphere. This means that as well as being a supplier for the industrial paints sector, Schaepman is also an equally notable supplier in the protective coatings sector.

Fact sheet – Hempel

  • Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier working in the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets
  • Hempel’s coatings help protect man-made structures – from wind turbines and bridges to ships and homes – from the corrosive forces of nature
  • Hempel has 24 factories, 48 sales offices and more than 150 stock points
  • Present in more than 80 countries, Hempel employs over 5,200 people
  • Hempel owns Crown Paints and Blome International

Hempel financials for 2013:

  • Revenues of EUR 1,239 million
  • EBITDA of EUR 165 million, highest in Group history
  • Operating profit rose from EUR 83 million to EUR 125 million
  • Net profit increased by EUR 30 million to EUR 65 million

Fact sheet – Schaepman

  • Established in 1830
  • Schaepman is a leading coatings supplier in the Dutch industrial, decorative and protective markets
  • Schaepman is an innovative and flexible supplier for the heavy duty industry, from truck chassis and agricultural-construction equipment to consumer electronics
  • Schaepman has one brand new, state of the art factory located in Kampen (the Netherlands) where highly specialized coatings for a variety of applications are produced
  • Schaepman has more than 40% export business related to key account customers
  • Schaepman has broad expertise in all liquid coatings, such as waterborne solutions, UV and high solids coatings

Schaepman financials for 2013:

  • Revenues of EUR 16 million
  • EBITDA of EUR 2.55 million, which is a margin of 16%
  • Operating profit rose from EUR 1 million to EUR 1.7 million
  • Net profit of EUR 1.2 million