Hempel sætter nye performancestandarder med HEMPAGUARD®

Pressemeddelelse fra Hempel:

Hempel’s brand-new HEMPAGUARD®, a ground-breaking hull coating concept, offers outstanding resistance to fouling during idle periods, significant fuel savings and trading flexibility.

HEMPAGUARD® shows excellent fouling resistance for up to 120 days during idle periods and fuel savings of six per cent on average over a full docking interval.

HEMPAGUARD® is also extremely flexible, covering most combinations of sailing routes and trading patterns. In contrast to regular hull coatings that, in general, are specified according to the vessel’s type and activity level, HEMPAGUARD® retains its effectiveness when switching between slow and fast steaming anywhere in the world.

Hempel created HEMPAGUARD® as a response to customers’ needs for a new hull coating that could make a much-needed difference to their business in terms of effectiveness, sustainability and flexibility.

“We’re offering the most flexible fouling defence system in the market. Regular antifoulings with high fuel potential are designed for high speed or high activity, so they will normally build up fouling during idle periods and lose their fuel saving capability. HEMPAGUARD®, however, offers significant fuel savings and outstanding fouling resistance in both slow and fast steaming as well as during extended idle periods of up to 120 days. This is particularly interesting for larger container vessels and tankers that, for example, may wish to increase speed on one route to meet schedules and slow steam on the other to achieve extra fuel savings,” explains Claes Skat-Rørdam.

The unique fouling defence system has been available on the market for just over six months; yet, it has already been applied to more than 80 full vessels – two full vessel applications per week on average.

Innovative technology

HEMPAGUARD® is based on Hempel’s patented ActiGuard® technology, which Hempel scientists spent five years testing and developing. ActiGuard® integrates silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides in a single coating. Surface retention of the biocide activates the hydrogel, which effectively holds fouling organisms at bay, cutting friction to a minimum while utilizing a minimum amount of biocide.

“HEMPAGUARD® is a complete new technology that combines the best of both worlds: the smooth, fuel-efficient surface known from silicone coatings and the durable protection against fouling known from antifoulings,” Fouling Control Marketing Manager Claes Skat-Rørdam says, adding:

“However, what is most remarkable about HEMPAGUARD® is that it releases 95 per cent less biocide than traditional antifoulings and yet, it still has a significantly better performance. HEMPAGUARD® enables our customers to improve their efficiency at sea, while diminishing the impact on the environment.”

Hempel launched HEMPAGUARD®  to global fleet owners and operators on 10 September 2013 during London International Shipping Week.