Atlas Incinerators

Sludge oil and solid waste incineration for installation on board ships, for the offshore industry and in power plants.

Prevention of oil and garbage pollution at sea are key words for At­las Incinerators. Atlas Incinerators are designed for simultaneous burning of sludge oil and solid waste.

With more than 10,000 units delivered for shipboard or offshore installation, ATLAS Incinerators has an international sales and service organisation serving our customers worldwide.

Atlas Incinerators in Denmark is the sole supplier of spare parts for all types of Atlas Incinerators. Various incinerator types have been marketed over the years such as ATLAS, ASI, ASWI, MAXI, VESTA and HYUNDAI-ATLAS, a licence production by HMMCO (Hyundai Marine Machinery Company) in Korea.

Atlas Incinerators in Denmark are sole suppliers of spare parts for incinerators delivered by HMMCO as well.

Atlas Incinerators offer their services worldwide.

ATLAS Incinerators ApS
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