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8. October 2020

Ballast Water Monitoring

Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) are costly, and their treatment performance is difficult to measure. Nevertheless, the shipping industry must adhere to the IMO Ballast water Convention and the USCG regulations, and consequently all discharged ballast water must fulfill the IMO D-2 criteria by the end of 2024 – and a large part of the world’s fleet must fulfill these already today.

It is our mission to encourage shipping industry’s confidence in their BWT systems by using first rate analytical instruments.

The bw-monitor™ is a unique permanently installed monitoring device surveying the functionality and biological efficacy of the BWMS automatically, continuously, and directly in the ballast line while ballasting  –  i.e. while the BWTS equipment is running, and corrective measures are still possible.

The bw-monitor™ is

  • The only in-line system for monitoring the biological efficacy of BWTS;
  • The only continuous and automated system requiring no crew interaction during cargo operations;
  • The only system testing all the ballast water – not just small samples;
  • The only system providing real time BWTS performance information based on biological water conditions.

Ballast Water Monitoring A/S
Nymøllevej 50, 2800 Lyngby

CEO Ole Lüthcke Christensen

E-mail: info@bw-monitor.com
Web: bw-monitor.com

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