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8. October 2020

Ballast Water Monitoring A/S

With IMO’s ballast water convention (BWM/CONF/36) entering into force relatively soon, many ships will need to install a ballast water treatment system (BWTS). Ballast Water Monitoring A/S has decided to develop a monitor, which determines the efficacy of these systems in an in-line, on-time and reliable manner.

bw-monitor is developed in order to supervise the ballast water treatment system on board and give an alarm in case of malfunction. It is designed to monitor two positions before and after the filter and the disinfection unit.

In principle, viable organisms are detected according to a fluorescence signal from chlorophyll, which is detectable directly in the ballast water stream without chemical addition or extracted sample manipulation. Additionally, an indication of the presence of larger organisms is provided by a laser diffraction signal on the density of particles before and after the filter.

Ballast Water Monitoring A/S
Diplomvej 381, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Director Frank Stuer-Lauridsen
Arne Gillin

E-mail: info@bw-monitor.com
Web: bw-monitor.com

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