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3. December 2020

Benchmarked IVS

Our goal is to create a more transparent market in the maritime sector. We do this through a platform that, via data, helps to

  • create an overview of,
  • identify and
  • validate suppliers

This gives you a more complete decision basis when choosing partners.

As a supplier, you are often used to competing on price – but only one supplier is the cheapest. Most suppliers therefore choose to compete on other qualities such as service and delivery time. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to document such qualities. Our platform therefore gives you the opportunity to clarify all these competencies to potential customers.

At the same time, our platform allows you to reduce the costs associated with finding new suppliers. By gathering all relevant information about potential suppliers in one place, we help you find the right one.
With Benchmarked, you get the opportunity to help create a global network that consists of validated companies that you trust.

Benchmarked IVS

CEO Mikkel Sieck Høpner

Phone: +45 2073 8376
E-mail: msh@benchmarked.io
Web: www.benchmarked.io

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