Calm Water Crisis Consulting

Calm Water Crisis Consulting was established in 2019 to contribute in solving the Global Challenge of Crisis Management. The vision is to do this by helping businesses being as prepared as possible to handle any unforeseen crisis situation they may experience. We believe efficient and effective crisis management will create value for the business itself as well as for society in general.

The Maritime industry is one area where crisis situations happens regularly and where there is a large risk the consequences of a crisis situation will impact society through disrupted supply chain, environmental and economic impact.

At Calm Water Crisis Consulting we are maritime industry experts as well as crisis management experts and we understand the value a well-prepared crisis management plan and structure can generate.

Calm Water Crisis Consulting
Symfonivej 18, 2700 Herlev

Founder Steffen Conradsen

Tlf.: +45 28 12 74 45