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8. October 2020


There are so many rules, regulations and standards now that maritime companies find it difficult to remain in full compliance with all of them. Staying on top of all requirements which seem to keep coming and changing at a rapid pace, is almost impossible.

DanCompliance ApS helps maritime companies to stay complaint with regulatory requirements. Our services include REGULATORY INTELLIGENCE, whereby companies are updated on the latest requirements and COMPLIANCE MAMAGEMENT, where we improve internal procedures and resolve compliance difficulties and non-conformities as they occur.

For companies considering monitoring the regulatory requirements themselves, we have developed a web portal with maritime rules and standards. From this web portal the users can download documents and receive notifications, when there are relevant changes, as well as printing reports and creating lists of favorite documents.

With more than 10 years of experience with regulatory affairs in the Maritime Industry, DanCompliance ApS is well qualified to assist with all kind of compliance issues that maritime companies may meet.

DanCompliance ApS
Symfonivej 18, 2730 Herlev

Director Ronni Ø. Palmqvist

Phone.: +45 40848675
E-mail: rp@dancompliance.com
Web: www.dancompliance.com
Web: www.marineregulations.com


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