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2. December 2021

Duusgaard – Coating Inspection

At Duusgaard Coating Inspection, we have the tools and technology to analyze surfaces and therefore we can give you the best treatment. With more than 30 years of experience in surface treatment, we have the right connections and competencies. This enables us to find the right solutions and subcontractors to solve the specific tasks.

The coating industry is constantly changing. New developments and new products are constantly entering the market. Think of Duusgaard Coating Inspection as being a guide and helping hand in this market.

To ensure the best possible inspection / advice, we have all the latest measuring equipment, as well as underwater and surface water drones. With our state-of-the-art drones, we can carry out inspections in almost every conceivable place – both above and below the water surface, as well as tanks and other confined spaces.

Duusgaard – Coating Inspection ApS
Kystvejen 280, 4671 Strøby – Køge

CEO Jes Duusgaard

Tel. +45 28 25 85 02
Mail: jes@jd-ci.dk
Web: coatinginspection.dk

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