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8. March 2017

Elektromarine Automation A/S

Elektromarine A/S supplies leading industries of the world with the highest quality of control- and distribution boards. We design, build and test our products at our factory in Skagen, Denmark in close cooperation with our customers. We know that this is the only way to fulfill the high demands of the end user.

While many say that you should concentrate on what you are good at, Elektromarine Automation has practiced it for years. It is the best foundation for sustained success. Add to this the ability to develop and maintain close relations with our customers, so delivery time and price always is in balance. This paints a comprehensive picture of a company with a professional attitude towards our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Elektromarine A/S has unique insight in the marine, industrial and offshore sector, for which we have supplied large as well as small solutions, over many years. Our factory, located in Skagen, Denmark, designs, produces and tests high quality control and distribution boards by skilled and flexible workers.


  • Design and production of control- and distribution panels for the offshore, marine and industrial sectors
  • Panels for EX-zones
  • PLC systems
  • Automation & Control systems
  • Panels and junction boxes
  • Electricians certified to work in the Danish and Norwegian offshore sector


Elektromarine Automation A/S
Kuttervej 15, 9990 Skagen

CEO Knud Erik Knudsen

Tel.: 98443711
E-mail: mail@elektromarine.com
Web: www.elektromarine.com


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