Promare provides a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a full time in-house employee within legal services, based on your company’s actual needs from time to time.  With wide area of expertise in contracts, compliance matters, shipping- and transport agreements, sale & purchase of ships, corporate documents and – governance, ship registration, crewing, flag state- and other maritime regulatory issues etc., you receive a reliable and competent support for the legal in-house work. The vast professional experience and holistic industry understanding ensures that the legal solutions are in balance with the underlying business. Promare has also a strong global network of professionals when local expertise e.g. in taxation, corporate or legal matters is required.


ProMare ApS
Strandvejen 70, 2900 Hellerup

Mariika Virrankoski-Poulsen ( LLM, Blue MBA)

Tlf.: +45 53 69 02 11