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3. March 2023

Square1 Nordic

Square1 Nordic is founded in 2020 and acts as a shared platform that helps businesses focus on development. We believe all companies have their main competence and performs better when they focus on their area of expertise.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. Two out of three new net private sector jobs are created by small businesses. That figure refers to the number of new jobs created after subtracting the number of jobs that have been eliminated. Not only do small businesses create a significant percentage of new jobs, but the jobs they create provide high levels of job satisfaction.

Big companies employees work on different floors and buildings. Though many work for long years, meeting one-to-one with management would not be possible. Department competitions and staffing will be pervading among the people. But in Small and Medium-sized companies, management recognizes every employee and understands their importance. Cross training will happen in the case of allotting one employee in another place in case of vacation, illness, leave etc.

Square1 Nordic
Sandvadsvej 17B – 4600 Køge

Managing Director Mikkel Østergaard Engsbro

Tel: +45 53 39 41 83
Mail: moe@square1nordic.com
Web: www.square1nordic.com

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