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3. March 2023

Square1 Nordic

Square1 Nordic is a dynamic player in the maritime supply chain, committed to reshaping business dynamics.

Our group integrates Marine Technic, MariTeam, and TRIFU into a cohesive platform, offering a fresh perspective on industry practices.

At Square1 Nordic, our focus is on simplifying operations, allowing companies to concentrate on their core competencies. Through tailored back-end services and adaptable tools, we empower businesses to maximise their potential. Flexibility and scalability are key principles, ensuring our solutions remain relevant to the evolving needs of our clients, fostering growth and sustainability.

Additionally, Square1 Nordic promotes environmental and social responsibility, advocating for responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Square1 Nordic
Sandvadsvej 17B – 4600 Køge

Managing Director Mikkel Østergaard Engsbro

Tel: +45 53 39 41 83
Mail: moe@square1nordic.com
Web: www.square1nordic.com

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