Port-Safety signs Distributor Agreement for game changing Rescue Ladder in the Middle East Region

Warren Malherbe, Managing Director at AMRO, with the LifeLadder – a non-corroding and highly visible rescue ladder for ports and harbours. Photo: AMRO

AMRO, an experienced international maritime equipment and services provider based in Dubai will execute as sales and marketing distributor promoting LifeLadder, a Danish rescue ladder designed to increase safety in harbours.

Focusing on clients within ports, marinas and maritime authorities, AMRO is a port specialist distributor providing quay wall equipment and services as well as navigation, mooring and docking solutions. Signing the marketing and sales distribution agreement with Port-Safety, AMRO will be representing Port-Safety and LifeLadder as sole distributor in the Middle East region encompassing GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and Iran.

“We are a customer centric company providing quality and innovative products, services and solutions. LifeLadder very much fits into our quest to provide our customers with added value. Our expectations for LifeLadder are very high,” says Warren Malherbe, Managing Director at AMRO.

“The Middle East is a growing hub for cruise liners and we see the LifeLadder as providing better value to users specifically in terms of its added safety benefit to customers of cruise liners. Add to that the increase in container terminals and expansion of ports, port operators are now looking for solutions that provide added value at lower operational costs. The LifeLadder achieves this”.

Warren Malherbe expect digital promotion as well as real life demonstrations to be key means in the business of promoting LifeLadder and, ultimately, saving lives.

“Online we will be using LinkedIn, Twitter and a dedicated webpage for the product. In addition, we are installing LifeLadders in a few ports within the United Arab Emirates as long-term case studies. Finally, we have a sample LifeLadder to demonstrate vis-a-vis our clients”.

Highlighting the innovative nature of LifeLadder Warren Malherbe stresses the high visibility day and night as well as LifeLadder being durable, modulated, lightweight and non-corroding; offering a virtually maintenance-free safety solution with low cost of ownership.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Kim U. Haaning, Managing Director at the Port-Safety headquarters, is delighted to have signed the distribution agreement with AMRO:

“To have Warren and AMRO onboard is all we could have asked for. The experience, drive and expertise will serve both LifeLadder and safety in Middle East ports and marinas well. We are very excited to get started immediately”.

For more information on LifeLadder please find a fact sheet attached below or visit our website: www.port-safety

Middle East and GCC Operations Contact:
Warren Malherbe         M: +971 50 956 8656          E:         W:

Denmark Operations Contact:
Kim U. Haaning            M: +45 5368 8070              E:                W:


Facts about LifeLadder:

A ladder saving lives…
LifeLadder is a new and innovative maritime safety device. It is designed for industrial as well as urban quays, locks, waterways and marinas. Visibility both day and night deliver improved maritime safety. The choice of maintenance-free materials addresses
issues of costs and time spent on upkeep.

Quite often, traditional rescue ladders mounted on piers, bridges and quays are hard to spot as they do not distinguish themselves from the dark surfaces in the harbour. Especially at night, they are difficult to see. Despite frequent maintenance, traditional
ladders manufactured in steel are subject to accelerated corrosion.

Data collected in Denmark document that 25% of drowning accidents occur in harbours. The need to improve safety is increasing as more industrial harbours are urbanised.

LifeLadder addresses the requirement for improved safety with a maintenance-free solution, which is visible both day and night. LifeLadder is constructed in reinforced plastic, moulded in a bright yellow and UV-resistant colour.
The modules are clamped together with 
a synthetic rope. A patent has been filed for this construction.