SEA Europe welcomes signing of the SkillSea project


Brussels, 4 December 2018

SEA Europe – the Shipyards’ and Maritime Equipment Association of Europe – welcomes the signing of the EU-funded project “Futureproof Skills for the Maritime transport sector” (SkillSea). This project aims at developing strategies to identify and meet future skills’ needs in the maritime transport sector, to attract more European maritime professionals and to map pap technological developments in ship operations and their effect for the industry’s skills needs. This four-year project will start in January 2019.

SEA Europe, which is a recognised social partner for the employers in the maritime technology sector, will be a partner to SkillSea and offer its technological expertise and knowledge, in particular for the identification and analysis of technology skills’ gaps and needs.

Christophe Tytgat, SEA Europe’s Secretary General said: “We very much welcome this project since it will greatly contribute to ensuring that the maritime transport sector can attract or maintain people with the right skill and training, especially in a fast developing technological era characterised by digitalisation, automated operations and even (semi-)autonomous shipping, We are grateful to the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) – the recognised social partners for maritime transport – to have invited SEA Europe to join this important project. We look very much forward to cooperating with both associations as well as with the project coordinator, the Rotterdam-based STC Group”.

Mr Tytgat concluded that “the cooperation amongst relevant maritime industry stakeholders in SkillSea may serve as a best practice example for other sectors as well. At the same time, this project also underlines the necessity for a dedicated Blueprint project for maritime equipment and systems’ providers and integrators to identify the skills’ gaps and analyse and cover the skills’ needs that are specific to European shipyards and maritime equipment manufacturers and that are not falling within the scope of SkillSea”. The output of such dedicated blueprint for shipyards and maritime equipment manufacturers may also bring additional input for the maritime transport sector.

Background Note:  SEA Europe represents close to 100% of the European shipbuilding industry in 16 nations, encompassing the production, maintenance, repair and conversion of all types of ships and floating structures, commercial as well as naval, including the full supply chain with the various producers of maritime systems, equipment material, and services.

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