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5. November 2020

Blue Atlas Robotics

Blue Atlas Robotics Aps was founded based on the vision of developing autonomously operating underwater ROV’s for the precise imaging of vessels and other structures exposed to the marine environment, without the deployment of manually controlled ROV’s or divers.

We have developed a unique small designed autonomous operating underwater ROV with an image processing technology tightly integrated with a large camera array, that allows for software based automatic control and navigation of the ROV.

The ROV can consistently and repeatably image and produce 3-D models of large underwater structures such as ship hulls, which will add new value to how the condition of the hull can be captured and monitored over time.

The ROV has an on-board autopilot which uses the camera system to calculate the distance to the hull and keep the ROV positioned at a constant distance of 30-50cm.

The result is a high-definition video, individual picture frames linked to a dense computer-generated 3D model of the inspected area.

In addition to the capability to visual verify any damage to paint or coating, areas subject to corrosion, Biofouling or Invasive Species anywhere on the hull, The 3D model is suitable for measurements of small to moderate features such as anode sizes or local hull deflections.

Blue Atlas Robotics ApS
Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense M

CEO Mads Andersen

Tel.: +45 29 28 25 48
E-mail: info@blueatlasrobotics.com
Web: blueatlasrobotics.com

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