Focus areas

Danish Maritime strives to provide the best framework conditions for the Danish maritime industry at national, European and global level. Among our areas of focus are export promotion, competitiveness, taxation, finance, supply, environment and state aid.

The Danish maritime industry

Encompassing a workforce of approx. 40.000 employees in Denmark, the Danish maritime industry accounts for an important sector.

Danish Maritime

As an industry association, the primary focus of Danish Mariitme is to safeguard its members´ interests as well as to advance favourable conditions for the Danish maritime industry.

Members of Danish Maritime

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20. January 2023
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3. January 2023
Denmark’s first satellite operator will launch Sternula-1
9. December 2022
SEA Europe welcomes the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster as its new associate member-association
3. October 2022
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2. September 2022
Closer collaboration between the Japanese and the Danish maritime industry to the benefit of both countries
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