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The Danish maritime industry

The Danish maritime industry is one of Denmark’s absolute core industries.

The maritime industry in Denmark consists of shipyards, suppliers and designers of ships, maritime equipment, products and service, i.e. companies providing development, manufacture and service to the maritime technology.

The Danish maritime industry holds a strong position on the global market, especially due to highly technological and specialized products and solutions.

Up to 87% of the companies within the Danish maritime industry have parent companies or subsidiaries in other countries, and maritime companies are often among the first to get established in distant parts of the world thus contributing to increased growth and welfare globally.

Maritime technology and shipbuilding is a mainstay for the globalization – no ships, no globalization. The Danish maritime companies are global, but are based all over Denmark. The maritime industry is certainly a business which is existing everywhere in Denmark, being part of the history of all Danes. Therefore, very few communities around the country do not hold one or more of the 1000 maritime companies which are based in Denmark today.

The maritime industry is an old and traditional industry, which has succeeded in maintaining the leading position, not least due to continuous research, development and innovation. This is the main reason why the major part of the Danish maritime industry is still very innovative and research intensive. As much as 45% of the companies within the Danish maritime industry are innovative, compared to 20% of the remaining part of the Danish industry.

The Blue Denmark employs approx. 100,000 persons directly or indirectly. With its 40,000 employees the maritime industry represents the major part of the persons employed by the Blue Denmark. Within the maritime industry the employees primarily have a technical background at various levels from the skilled worker, which makes out 40% of the workforce within the maritime industry, and to the employee having a long or medium long specialized technical education, which makes out 30% of the workforce. Having skilled employees is extremely decisive for the industry, as the companies and workplaces are very knowledge intensive.

The importance of the maritime industry to the Danish society is obvious when looking at the 5 billion DKK which the employees pay as income tax each year. The many successful companies within the Danish maritime industry ensure that the industry holds a strong position internationally, and continuous special efforts are required to maintain this position in the intensive global competition.

The world’s fleet consists of more than 100,000 ships, and a major part of these ships has Danish equipment onboard. Maritime technology is a global growth potential. In 2016 OECD issued a report which indicated that providers of maritime technology will make out a future global growth potential, and Danish maritime companies have excellent possibilities of getting a solid position in relation to this growth. However, it is a condition that the business has competitive framework conditions, ensuring that we can maintain the position of the maritime industry as the sixth largest exporter of maritime technology.

In 2015 the gross value added growth within the Danish maritime industry was approx. 32.5 billion DKK. In comparison the total cost of the six new super hospitals to be built will be approx. 28 billion DKK.

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