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8. October 2020

Bredgaard Boats

Bredgaard Boats – Denmark’s fibreglass boatbuilder’s yard. We have over 50 years’ experience in fibreglass manufacture and we are expert builders of unique fishing vessels, offshore vessels and passenger ships. A Bredgaard Boat is a robust and durable workplace which is purpose-built based on individual requirements. It is a high-quality product which can be customised in every detail in terms of for example ergonomics, comfort and technical or intelligent solutions which facilitate the work routines on board and the time spent at sea. Our vessels are designed in co-operation with the client and our professional naval architects, and they are manufactured in modern production facilities. We have worked with hand-rolled fibreglass since 1965 and our vessels are built based on traditional craftsmanship combined with modern, environmentally friendly methods. Fibreglass is an incredibly strong and mouldable material. A Bredgaard Boat is lighter than a metal vessel, consumes less fuel, requires minimum maintenance work, has a higher load capacity and a longer service life, and it doesn’t corrode.

Vestre Kaj 50B, 4970 Rødby

CEO  Michael Jakobsen
CEO  Jørgen Wiuff

Phone: +45 54 70 60 88
Mail: info@bredgaardboats.com
Web: bredgaardboats.com/dk/

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