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8. October 2020


Smart solutions for modern shipping
PRESENTING: HydroPen® – Fighting container fires in the height
“A fully automatic water-based drilling machine for firefighting in closed spaces or behind structures”

Technology – ”How does it work?”

  1. Hoist the telescopic lift to the burning container.
  2. Attach the telescopic lift to the container by locking the purpose made hook at the end of the lift to the locking bar on the container.
  3. Hoist the HydroPen to the end of the telescopic lift by using the internal wire inside the lift and a manual hand winch.


  1. Once the HydroPen is located at the top of the lift the fully automatic water-based drilling process can begin.
  2. It only uses the force of the supplied water pressure from any standard firehose or fire line to drill through the container.
  3. The water pressure flows into a hydrodynamic turbine, which creates a rotation.
  4. The rotation of the turbine in combination with the internal technology to control the tension will start the drilling process.

Auto change & fire extinguishing:

  1. At the end of the HydroPen there is a cob-drill and nozzle, which will extract into the container once the drilling process is finished.
  2. When the cob-drill and nozzle go through the container it will automatically change function and shut off the water supply to the turbine and instead guide the water through the nozzle and create immediate firefighting inside the burning container.
  3. After the operation is finished the HydroPen can easily be hoisted down and will be ready for another operation.

HydroPen ApS
Sædding Ringvej 13, 6710 Esbjerg

Product Manager Trade Lasse Boesen

Tel: +45 25 42 81 23
Mail: mail@hydropenfire.com
Web:  www.hydropenfire.com

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