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8. October 2020


Ours mission is to help clients in the maritime and wind energy sectors achieve the full potential of their knowledge and assets through optimal use of technology.

Our solutions support decision making in the face of extreme complexity at the design stage as well as in operation.

We believe the that most efficient way to deal with complexity is through modularisation and functional modelling of the full value chain, including both cyber-physical systems and human activity. We use the same approach to the innovation and technology implementation process itself.

Our KAIROS application assists the bridge or the control room during unplanned events by real-time cause-consequence analysis and counter-action planning. This is achieved by combining functional models with experience and measurements online.

DTU Science Park, Diplomvej 381, 2800 Lyngby

CTO Claus Myllerup

Phone: +45 21 16 15 06
E-mail: claus.myllerup@kairostech.no
Web: www.eldor.no

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