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12. May 2021

Kvasir Technologies

Kvasir Technologies has developed a patented technology for production of biofuel.

Kvasir Technologies are the only company, who through a simple process without use of catalysts can convert and liquify hard non-edible biomass (straw, wood, nutshells etc.) to a stable biofuel. Even the lignin content of the biomass can be converted through application of Kvasir’s technology.

The resulting biooil can be used directly as a sustainable low sulfur marine fuel without modifications the vessels engine, fueling system or tanks.

By adopting Kvasir’s biofuel all existing ships can comply with the emissions reductions mandated by IMO in both 2030 and 2050.


Kvasir Technologies ApS
Maskinvej 5 – 2860 Søborg

COO Anders B. Kristoffersen

Phone: +45 53763666
Mail: info@kvasirtechnologies.com
Web: www.kvasirtechnologies.com

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