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8. October 2020



MicroWise is a newly created company with the sole purpose of developing and selling measuring equipment for automatic control of living organisms in water samples (BallastWISE), and related activities. MicroWISE is formed by SME’s involved in the development so far. The company owners, 3 SME’s – BiorasUnitOne and Fishlab, have worked together since 2013 to get the technology of the BallastWISE system to where it is today. As such, the company has considerable biological expertise within the fields of microbial ecology and microbial taxonomy. MicroWise also has technical expertise in camera technology, optics, instrumentation and programming. This is a strong team for this particular task. In addition, MicroWise is engaged in a joint efforts with DHI, one of the world’s key accredited institutions with regards to ballast water issues.



Kaarsbergsvej 2
8400 Ebeltoft

CEO Pia Haecky, PhD

Phone: +45 22678812
E-mail: info@microwise.eu
Web: www.microwise.eu

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