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24. October 2022


VesOPS is a software product which delivers transparent solutions to stakeholders within the shipping industry. VesOPS gives an overview of a fleet of ships GHG emissions and delivers decision support to users ashore and on board how to reduce emissions by improvement of a ships design and/or by optimizing the ships operations.

The analyses for decision support are based on a digital twin model of the ship and on data logged on board the ship. By combining the model with data, a set of analyses are available for the user, and they are focused on delivering information to support future decisions on improving the performance of the ship’s operations.

The improvements are documented in dashboards available for the user in a dynamic web solution.

In addition, VesOPS delivers advice related to optimization and improvement of the operations of ships based on the results given from the software. The advice is given by VesOPS’ dedicated experts in the design and operations of ships.

Frederiksgade 8, 5700 Svendborg

Director Søren Vinther Hansen

Phone: +45 29 39 29 60
Mail: info@vesops.dk
Web: www.vesops.dk

Foto: ©Søren Skarby

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