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3. October 2022

Maritime industry unites to call for earmarking of ETS revenues

European shipowners, ports, the cruise sector, shipyards and equipment manufacturers, fuel suppliers, shippers, forwarders and port operators join forces and call on the Member States and the European Parliament to earmark the revenues generated from the inclusion of the shipping sector in the EU ETS for the maritime sector.

Earmarked revenues should aim to lower the price gap with clean fuels, to finance R&D and innovation and the scale-up and deployment of clean energy and technologies on board and on shore.

Investments in port infrastructure, connection to the grid, energy storage and deployment of renewables should be also supported. Finally, support to training, upskilling and reskilling of maritime workers is key to meet the EU climate targets.

“Europe’s maritime technology industry develops the most advanced vessels and technologies in the market. The earmarking of EU ETS revenues will be of pivotal importance, accelerating innovation and scaling up the application of more sustainable fuels and technologies, also enhancing Europe’s leading role. Europe’s maritime technology industry is ready to play its part.” says Christophe Tytgat, Secretary General of SEA Europe.

Danish Maritime is an active member of SEA Europe and supports the joint statement that you can read here.

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