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8. March 2017


Bawat is a Greentech company and was established in 2011 with the aim of developing and bringing to market technologies for treating ballast water in the maritime sector.

We created our ballast water management system to help preserve the biodiversity of our oceans, lakes and rivers. And we created the system to have the least possible impact itself.

Bawat’s BWMS is a system that is simple, cost-effective and sustainable, built on a zero environmental impact, using standard marine components. No filters, no chemicals and no UV. It is the first to market a USCG/IMO Type Approval BWMS that uses pasteurization to treat ballast water in a one-pass process. Bawat has built upon its innovative breakthrough and now offers ballast water solutions to the maritime industry in three categories:

  • A ship BWMS for Retrofit and New Builds
  • Mobile containerized solution for multiple vessel usage in a port, on a ship or for rigs
  • Ballast Water Treatment as a Service (T-a-a-S) for contingency services in ports

Bawat is an engineer-driven company that is rooted in the tradition of Danish maritime innovation and with a deep maritime insight: www.bawat.com.

Bawat is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market


Bawat A/S
Agern Allé 5A, 2970 Hørsholm

CEO Marcus Hummer

Phone: +45 88 70 88 03
E-mail: info@bawat.com
Web: www.bawat.com

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