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8. March 2017


Bawat is an international company established with the purpose of developing and marketing optimal technologies for the treatment of ballast water.

Bawat’s revolutionary new ballast water treatment system (BWTS) solution represents a breakthrough technological advance in ballast water treatment. The unique in-tank, in-voyage system ensures zero impact on ship performance and zero disruption to cargo and ballast operations while the vessel is in port, represent­ing an attractive value proposition for the international shipping industry.

Unlike traditional in-line systems, the Bawat system is based on a patented, proprietary in-tank recirculation solution that utilizes readily available onboard waste energy. As such, the system oper­ates at a low peak energy and power requirement and requires no toxic chemical compounds. Economically advantageous for ship-owners, Bawat BWTS is flexible and adaptable to any ship size and all types of water: salt water, brackish water and fresh water.


Bawat A/S
Agern Allé 5A, 2970 Hørsholm

CEO Marcus Hummer

Phone: +45 88 70 88 03
E-mail: info@bawat.com
Web: www.bawat.com

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