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8. March 2017

Danfoss Power Electronics

Danfoss Power Electronics is a leading supplier of powerful and efficient variable speed drives solutions for the maritime industry. With a total of 8 certificates from the world’s leading class societies, Danfoss VLT® drives meet all the requirements that ship builders, owners and crew expect from their equipment.

Our products are specially engineered for marine applications and optimized for years of trouble free operation in marine environments and resistant against electrical interference. Available in rugged IP55/IP66 enclosures rated for durability and performance in 50°C engine room temperatures.

Variable speed drives are typically used to control sea water cooling pumps, fuel pumps, engine room ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, compressors, thrusters and deck machinery.

Apart from installations on new vessels, we have established a large installed base of drives retrofitted on existing vessels.

Typical retrofitting applications with a pay-back period between 1 and 2 years:

  • Sea water and fresh water cooling pumps
  • Engine room ventilation systems
  • Thrusters converted from variable pitch to variable speed control.

Danfoss Power Electronics
Ulsnæs 1, 6300 Graasten

EMA Business Development Manager Helge Vandel Jensen

Phone: +45 74 88 22 22
E-mail: kundeservice.dk@danfoss.com
Web: https://www.danfoss.com/da-dk/

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