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13. June 2019


DEIF is a global supplier of innovative solutions to the marine industry. Our extensive product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive on the global marine market, ranging from quality analogue instrumentation and cost-effective single and multi-function controller platforms to engineered solutions for all types of ships and the offshore industry such as cost and emission reducing battery hybrid solutions and energy management solutions.

DEIF has a long and rich history of providing class-approved, reliable bridge instrumentation, switchboard equipment and power management control solutions. In fact, we cover 40% of today’s world market for bridge instrumentation; we stand out as the world’s preferred supplier.

Conceived and designed to anticipate user needs today and in years to come, DEIF products respond to market demands for easier integration, improved user-friendliness, fuel economy and high ROI.

Frisenborgvej 33, 7800 Skive

CEO: Christian Nielsen

Phone:  +45 9614 9614
E-mail: info@deif.com
Web: www.deif.com

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