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8. March 2017


With its innovative intelligence, Adaptive Logic Programming Tech­nology (ALPT), Inrotech has caused a small sensation in the world of robot welders. The intelligence of the welding robot makes it capable of ‘reading’ its task and performing it simultaneously. It runs smoothly without the need of interference in the shape of engineering back-up or interface with CAD applications.

The seeds of this product were sown at the Odense Steel Ship­yard in 2007-2008, and the maritime field therefore has become the core business of Inrotech. The product has already been sold and successfully implemented in several leading shipyards glob­ally. The key features of the Inrotech welding robot are

  • the in-house developed touch panel which makes the Inro­tech robot highly intuitive and easy to operate even without prior theoretical training.
  • the unique Adaptive Logic Programming Technology (ALPT) which allows the Inrotech robot to be self-programming once the initial project phase and tests have been done.
  • that the he Inrotech robot is mobile and flexible.

Inrotech ApS
C. F. Tietgens Boulevard 26, 5220 Odense SØ

CCO Morten Arndal Nielsen

Phone: +45 66 16 41 00
E-mail: info@inrotech.com
Web: www.inrotech.com

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