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8. March 2017


Since 1906, IRON Pump has built water pumps of outstanding quality. That is why shipowners and shipyards worldwide choose flexible pump solutions from IRON Pump.

A pump is a critically important and highly complex part. To compromise on quality and reliability could be fatal. Therefore, our service and spare parts provision is of the same rigorous high standard as that of our pumps. At IRON we are able to change spare parts for pumps more than 25 years old.

We are a leading supplier of centrifugal and piston pumps and our pumps cover all engine room needs.

Generatorvej 10, 2730 Herlev

CEO Anders Frimodt-Møller

Phone: +45 44 91 67 88
E-mail: iron@ironpump.com
Web: www.ironpump.com

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