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8. March 2017


KLINGER Denmark was founded in 1848 and has since then been a supplier to the marine industry. Today, KLINGER Denmark is known as a marine supplier with a complete range of valves and seals to the marine industry.

All KLINGER Denmark products are state of the art and installed in many ships already. The inten­tion of KLINGER is to present a ‘Total Supply package of Valves and Seals to the Marine Industry’.

Our customers are shipbuilders and their sub-suppliers as well as shipping companies that own and operate vessels. With our ‘Total Supply’ concept our aim is to make life simple, easy and conveni­ent for our marine customers.

To support you we have developed a Marine Valve and Seal se­lection tool to find the optimal solution. You can search by applica­tion, type of product or by IMPA no.

Klinger Danmark A/S
Nyager 12, 2605 Brøndby

Managing Director Ivar Madsen

Phone: +45 43 64 66 11
Mail: info@klinger.dk
Web: www.klinger.dk

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