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3. July 2018


MARTEC- Maritime & Polytechnic University College located in Frederikshavn and Skagen, is an independent institution administered under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Research and Innovation. In addition; MARTEC is a complete maritime center for education on top of Denmark. We provide you with a maritime education, regardless of your level of expertise and ambition, we are your steppingstone for a maritime career.

We offer the following educations at MARTEC: Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering, Ships Assistant, Machinist, Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Ship Management and Master Home Trade (fishing industry and, +/- 3.000 BT). Furthermore, we offer youth programs such as, University Entrance Level with a maritime focus (HFSøfart) and Training Ship DANMARK.

At MARTEC we guarantee future proof educations. We do this through teachings that incorporate theory and practice in modern laboratories, Full Mission Bridge and Engine Room Simulators and a close cooperation with the industry. Our facilities cover 14.000 m2 in Frederikshavn, Skagen and Sæby, with workshops, Energy and Environmental laboratory, Working at Heights building, Fire Rescue facilities, cranes, dorm rooms, Radio equipment, we cover your professional needs.

MARTEC is relevant for the industry and the maritime sector, with a wide variety of courses within Offshore, Safety, Communication, Energy and Environment.

We are approx. 90 employees placed on two schools in Frederikshavn, in Skagen and onboard Training Ship DANMARK.

MARTEC Hånbækvej 54, DK-9900 Frederikshavn
MARTEC Kragholmen 180, DK-9900 Frederikshavn
MARTEC SKAGEN Kuttervej 13, DK-9990 Skagen

Director Pia Ankerstjerne

Tel.: +45 9620 8888
E-mail: martec@martec.dk
Web: martec.dk

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