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8. March 2017


Technical insulation, scaffolding, accommodation work, interior design and furnishing

Norisol A/S offers a comprehensive package of services to the industry and construction business, marine and offshore industries. The package includes all types of technical insulation, scaffolding, accommodation work and complete outfitting of ships and offshore modules.

We contribute to high value creation for our customers by delivering competitive total solutions, which reduce energy consumption and mitigate global heating.

Norisol’s Interior Section includes a group of experts within decorating, planning and outfitting. We carry out outfitting and accommodation work on newbuilds as well as conversions and on all types of vessels like ferries, cruise liners, fishing boats, commercial vessels, supply boats and offshore platforms.

Norisol has a broad experience and specialised competences within marine insulation covering all the relevant insulation types needed on large and small vessels. We produce and install the products and our skilled employees ensure that we deliver the right solution for each customer.

Norisol has 8 branches in Denmark.

Norisol A/S
Langerak 85, 9900 Frederikshavn

Regional Manager Vagner K. Jensen

Phone: +45 98 42 90 66
Mail: info@norisol.dk
Web: www.norisol.dk


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