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8. March 2017


Marine Insulation, Accommodation Work, Interior Design and Furnishing

Norisol, a Scandinavian group, offers a comprehensive package of services to the marine and offshore industries. The package includes all types of technical insulation, accommodation work, scaffolding and complete outfitting of ships and offshore modules. Turnkey installations as well as design and engineering, supervi­sion and manpower are also parts of our services.

Our workshops produce prefabricated insulation and cladding materials for all purposes within heat, cold and fire insulation. We have a wide network of reliable suppliers to draw on as a supple­ment to our own design and production of custom-made furniture for all purposes at our factory.

Our well-educated work teams are experts in installing insulation, bulkheads, floors, ceilings, furniture etc.

Norisol has branches throughout Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Norisol A/S
Langerak 85, 9900 Frederikshavn

Regional Manager Vagner K. Jensen

Phone: +45 98 42 90 66
E-mail: info@norisol.dk
Web: www.norisol.dk


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