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22. August 2017

Port Safety

Port-Safety was founded in 2017 with the aim of improving safety in ports and along quay walls globally.

The team has international experience and expertise in industrial design and maritime safety. Traditional rescue ladders on ports are made of galvanized steel.

They are hard to spot and must be painted in order not to corrode.

Port-Safety has developed an innovative rescue ladder, LifeLadder, which addresses two issues: Visibility and maintenance.

LifeLadder consists of maintenance-free synthetic modules fabricated in a vibrant yellow color that ensures visibility during daytime. An integrated solar powered lamp illuminates LifeLadder, making it visible at night, all year.

Port-Safety ApS
Havnevej 1 – 4000 Roskilde

Managing Director Kim U. Haaning

Tlf.: +45 53 68 80 70
E-mail: info@port-safety.com
Web: www.port-safety.com

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