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8. March 2017

Pres-Vac Engineering

For more than 60 years, Pres-Vac Engineering has supplied pres­sure/vacuum valves and venting equipment to the tanker shipping industry. Today, we are the world’s leading supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves.

Our customers include all of the leading tanker fleets in the world. We work with shipyards, naval archi­tects and other partners on all continents.

Our network of highly professional, experienced agents and distributors in all major shipowning and shipbuilding countries lets us help our customers wherever they may be located.

Our ever-expanding service centre network includes such loca­tions as Singapore, Gibraltar, Gothenburg, Houston, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Dalian (to name but a few in China).

Our line-up has recently been expanded to include a new line of marine inert gas systems for the on board production of nitrogen.

Pres-Vac Engineering A/S
Svanevang 3-5, 3450 Allerød

Phone: +45 48 17 40 55
E-mail: presvac@pres-vac.com
Web: www.pres-vac.com


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