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8. March 2017


PureteQ is an engineering company that specializes in the devel­opment of patented, high-tech process solutions, including instal­lation, start-up and commissioning.

They solve environmental problems for our customers in the on-and offshore industries and maritime sector. They design open loop and hybrid SOx scrubbers in high alloy for clients in the mari­time industry that are lighter, takes up less space and are more energy efficient than other scrubbers on the market.

PureteQ focuses on solving acknowledged problems in combus­tion technology through, for example, the utilization of alternative energy and purification and heat recovery of flue gases. They provide technologies that clean oil and chemical-polluted process water for the on- and offshore industries.

PureteQ’s headquarters, testing facilities and production are located in Svendborg in the south of Denmark. Sales offices are found in Denmark and in Germany.

”We transform environmental issues into sustainable solutions”

Sverigesvej 13, 5700 Svendborg

CEO Anders Skibdal

Phone: 62 21 27 87
E-mail: info@pureteq.com
Web: www.pureteq.com

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