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8. March 2017


PureteQ supplies built-to-fit maritime scrubber systems to shipowners who want to save money on fuel by continuing use of heavy fuel oil. PureteQ’s scrubber program handles a load of up to 100MW. All scrubbers come with a user-friendly control system with real-time remote access. Energy performance is superior due to the patented hydrodynamic fluid distribution system that allows for no interior obstructions.

With offices in Europe and Asia, and in-depth knowledge and expertise within exhaust gas cleaning, PureteQ is the world’s largest service provider for all brands of scrubbers. A team of marine engineers assist shipowners and operators in safeguarding continuous operation, reliability, and MARPOL compliance of scrubbers, either on-site or via the safe PureteQ remote system designed to automatically upload data to a cloud-based platform for optimization and reporting of system performance across scrubber fitted ships.

To help combat climate change PureteQ Group is committed to continuously optimize existing technologies and to invest in research and development of new technologies within the fields of carbon capture and power-to-x.

Sverigesvej 13, 5700 Svendborg

CEO Anders Skibdal

Phone: +45 40 17 14 00
E-mail: anders@pureteq.com
Web: www.pureteq.com

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