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21. March 2019

ReFlow Maritime

ReFlow, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an environmental consultancy offering advanced but user-friendly software solutions to assess product, process, and company carbon footprints. Since its founding in 2018, the company has aimed to promote data-driven climate reporting, initially in the maritime sector, and since expanded its reach across multiple industries such as industrial production and renewable energy sectors.

With a blend of a lifecycle-based software platform and a team of environmental engineers, ReFlow provides a detailed activity-based method like lifecycle assessments (LCAs), including scope 3 calculations to help stakeholders across various sectors make data-driven decisions with accurate emission insights.

ReFlow is partly owned by Greig Green, a Norwegian conglomerate in maritime sustainability advisory, marking a strategic expansion in their mission to revolutionize how we calculate maritime environmental performance. This strategic move reinforces their commitment to leading decarbonization efforts in the maritime industry.

ReFlow Maritime ApS
Bryggervangen 55 – 2100 Copenhagen

CEO Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen

Phone: +45 32 74 53 00
Mail: info@re-flow.io
Web: www.re-flow.io

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