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8. March 2017

Søby Værft

Søby Værft has some of the newest and best facilities within the yard industry in Denmark. With access through the western part of the Baltic Sea and plenty of water, it is easy to call into the harbour of Søby all year around.

Søby Værft was founded in 1931 as an engine workshop and has since grown to become both a new building and repair yard.

Søby Værft has three dry docks which make it possible to dock ships of up to 140x24x6 meters. Søby Værft offers repair works within all trade groups and with its own engine department it is specialized in repair of all engine types and propeller plants.

Søby Værft has a permanent staff of approx. 100 people. In co­operation with its regular subcontractors, any job within steel and surface treatment can be handled. All contracts are directed by a highly skilled project management which aims to secure that time and quality is in focus and to keep easy communication between customer and yard.

Søby Værft’s core value is: ”Your vessel – Our priority” 

Søby Værft A/S
Dokvej 5, 5985 Søby – Ærø

Adm. direktør Tejs Beltov

Phone: +45 62 58 11 23
E-mail: shipyard@shipyard.dk
Web: www.shipyard.dk

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