SEA Europe hosted the first International Market Forecast Workshop, with managing director mrs. Jenny N. Braat  (picture) as chairman, to discuss possible impacts of current and emerging trends in the maritime sector. 

On 10 May, SEA Europe hosted in Brussels its first international Market Forecast Workshop. The aim of the workshop was to discuss and to identify the possible impacts of current and future trends in the maritime sector on newbuilding requirements as well as market forecast models. The event was well attended, allowing for cross-border networking and fruitful exchanges between various maritime stakeholders, including high-level market analysts, technical and RDI experts as well as representatives of the European institutions.

Interesting insights on future challenges of maritime transport systems and likely future market developments were provided during the keynote presentations. SEA Europe was very proud to welcome keynote speakers, such as Dr. Martin Stopford (President, Clarksons Research) and Mr. Dalibor Gogic (IHS Fairplay).

Specific topics, such as the impact of new environmental regulations, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 were discussed in three parallel discussion tables attended by the participants.

The workshop concluded by noting that while forecast modelling will not be impacted in the short term, the maritime landscape is likely to be completely reshaped by the emerging trends in the medium and long-term. Such developments will require appropriate responses, such as a sound regulatory framework, continued cooperation across the value chain actors, inter-operational systems, continued focus on RDI and goal-based standards.

New business models will need to be built enabling the industry to optimise its products in order to better respond to the ever-evolving needs of the sector’s customers.

The event was appreciated by the participants who agreed to continue to organise similar events in the future.