Danish Maritime is tasked to prepare a synthesis of work package 2 together with The University of Turku, Finland. Secondly, Danish Maritime will undertake road-mapping in relation to work package 4. The latter includes preparation of work plans, presentations and to initiate a number of workshops.

Funding from the EU to Danish Maritime amounts to a total of Euros 74,500.

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Project manager Milla Harju has written two blog posts for ECOPRODIGI, available at the project website.

ECOPRODIGI Policy Seminar:
Carrots or sticks – what measures are needed to foster the implementation of clean shipping technologies?
Panel discussion: : Public and private sector actions in the digitalisation of maritime industry – who should steer the transformation?
Introduction & moderation: Valdemar Ehlers, Technical Director, Danish Maritime  and Tapio Karvonen, Senior Researcher, University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies.
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